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Journey to Discover Bhutan is a government approved & licensed boutique travel agency specialized in natural history, cultural and trekking experiences. It is operated by a team of enthusiastic experts based in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan.

Cloistered and protected in the folds of its mountains and in close harmony with nature, Bhutan's 750,000 people have developed their own way of life. With one foot firmly planted in the traditional past and one foot confidently stepping into the future, Bhutan emerged from centuries of isolation in the 1960s and was soon perceived as "The Last Shangri-La", a mythical kingdom.

To walk into Bhutan's rich and vibrant culture that lives today in its dances, legends and festivals is a journey beyond any other travel experience. The traditional art and architecture are still an integral part of everyday life and exist in a pristine natural setting of majestic mountains and lush valleys. No matter what you choose to do or how long you plan to stay or how many times you visit, you will always have an unforgettable adventure.

We look forward to providing the opportunity to awaken your spirit and discover the unique adventure that awaits you in Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Bhutan is perhaps the world's best example of sustainable eco-tourism based on the philosophy of "Gross National Happiness" - the concept which balances both economic success and the preservation of our country's natural, religious and cultural heritage.
Our visionary King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, has emphasized that "Gross National Happiness" is more important than "Gross National Product".


Thimphu Drupchen 2014

The Thimphu Dromche is considered to be uniquely special and one of the most scared religious ceremonies in the country. It is dedicated to one of the principal and most potent female protecting deities of Bhutan “Plden Lhamo” or Makakali.  The origin of Dromche or prayer of propiti...

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Flying in the shadow of the giants:

The flight from Katmandu, Nepal to Paro, Bhutan on a clear winter's day, skirting sout.....

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