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Special Interest Tours

A tailored journey in Bhutan with our special interest tours, catering to the discerning traveler’s passions. Whether you’re an avid photographer or a birdwatching enthusiast, our expertly curated experiences promise a deep dive into the unique offerings of the Kingdom of Bhutan. For photography aficionados, every frame tells a story as you capture the pristine landscapes, vibrant festivals, and cultural nuances. Meanwhile, birdwatchers can revel in the diverse avian treasures, from the elusive Himalayan Monals to the elegant Black-necked Cranes.

Our specialized tours ensure an immersive and enriching experience, combining the beauty of Bhutan with your personal interests for an unforgettable adventure.

“The Last Shangri-la”.


If you’re unsure or still deliberating where to travel in Bhutan, we’ll put you in touch with our Travel Specialists to offer you sound advice and an honest take on any places you might be considering for your trip.

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